Five tips for being productive

One of the best feelings in the world is sitting down after a very productive day. Everything for that day is done in the most efficient way. It gives you time to relax and reflect on the day. Here are five tips to accomplish those days of productivity.

Here are 5 tips to be more productive

Take quality short breaks:

With quality short breaks you will take your mind of the work that has to be done. A good way to accomplice this is taking a short walk around the neighbourhood. It gets you away from your chair (yeah blood circulation), and away from your computer.

Which environment works for you?

Figure out which environment works for you. Is this a quiet place or a coffee company? If you are easily distracted, a quiet place will be better. Other people are the most productive when they feel the pressure of people around them.

Switch up your working place

If you are stuck in one area,  you can get new ideas or insights in another place. It does not have to be a big change, maybe sit at another side of the library or move your desk at home. It will feel like you are in a different environment, but you still have the surrounding you like, as you discovered in the previous point.

Have the appropriate gear

Nice notebooks will help you as it is nicer to write on and you will write more often. Also, a nice notebook can be an accessory in your room and at the same time a reminder. A good working laptop or computer is a must for every career girl. Most of our work are done on the computer and having a slow computer or a system that crashes every two seconds will not help you in being productive.

To-do lists

Make to-do lists. This helps to order your thoughts. I myself bought a nice to-do list notebook recently, which I now use every day.


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