How do you work efficiently on the public transport?


Travelling by public transport is a great way to get work done while you are brought to your destination. Maybe you do not realise it sometimes, but taking the public transport has also its advantages. In this blog, I will give you tips on how to work in the public transport.

How do you work efficiently on the public transport..png

Make sure you always have your laptop, tablet or book with you, so that you can work if you are able to find a seat in a busy train or bus.

Take a headphone or earphones with you. Listening to an informative podcast or talk is a great way to learn something, but does not require you to take a laptop or book with you. Often you do not have Wi-Fi in the public transport, or it is very slow. Make sure you put a podcast or another talk on your phone a day in advance.

A headphone is also a great way to isolate yourself from the busy crowd. This is a must if you are distracted by people that are talking next to you. (like me)

If you travel a route regularly, find the best place to work for you. For example, in The Netherlands the trains have a silence area. If my goal is to work on the train I will search for this area and sit there.

Upgrade your class if possible in your budget. The luxury cabins are mostly much less busy, which I found is more comfortable to work.




1 thought on “How do you work efficiently on the public transport?”

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