Why is writing important for a scientist? (With tips to improve your writing!)

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As a scientist, we already have a very tight schedule. There are never enough hours in a day. Still it is important to invest time in your writing skill. In this article, I will explain to you why writing is so important and how you can improve yourself.

Why is writing important for a scientist, with tips to improve your writing

Different audience

Scientific writing is different than writing for a blog post or a novel. The biggest difference is that you write for a different audience. As a result, you should have a different writing style.

The science world also has a different vocabulary. You have to get yourself familiar with this vocabulary. If you use different terms the readers of your peer-reviewed paper will not understand you and probably don’t look at your paper again. An easy way to check if you are using the appropriate terms is to look at other papers in your field. What are they using?

You want the readers from your scientific paper to understand your research easily. For every journal, there are different requirements on how big the paper should be and how the layout should be. However in every paper, you want to sell your research. This means you have to be clear.

Grants proposals

Writing only a peer reviewed paper is not enough to secure the necessary money to conduct your research. You will need to write grant proposals. Often they are very competitive. You need to attract the readers eye out of many and convince them that your proposal is worth their money.

If you have developed your writing skill before you have to write the grant proposals. You are probably more likely to get the grants that you need to grow your career.


The tips:

Write every day.

The most important tip for every writer and scientist. You will improve your writing the most by practice your writing regularly. Research has shown that people that write regularly are more creative and can communicate there idea’s more easily!!

Turn the WIFI off

Do all your research in advance, so you do not need the WIFI. The WIFI is most likely the biggest distraction. So turn it off and have the discipline to not turn in back on when you’re stuck with writing. If you’re stuck, go for a little walk but do not turn the WIFI on!!

Listen to the feedback,

If you are writing a peer reviewed article it is wise to ask for feedback. Listen also to this feedback, as this person will probably point out mistakes you missed. Remember those mistakes and try to avoid them next time you write.


To summarize, as you can see is writing good reviews, peer-reviewed papers and proposals very important in your scientific career. It is the way you communicate your research with other people. Improving your writing skill therefore, means indirectly improving your scientific career.

Where are you waiting for??                 Start writing!

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