How to get your dream internship

Doing an internship is a great experience. Are you in doubt if you should apply for an internship? Or if you want to know how to get hired for an internship at the company of your dreams. Keep reading, as I will explain both issues to you here.


Why should you do an internship?


You get valuable skills

An internship can provide valuable information that school can not. You get the chance to prove yourself for an employer, but maybe even more important. A chance to find out if you really want to work in the work field chosen. On school you get all the theoretical information and maybe even practical experience, but not at a real business.


Work experience

The current job market is very harsh and competitive. A lot of companies require that you have work experience. An internship can be a value method to show that you are certain that you want to work in this work field and it gives you experience.


Be brave

If you want to do your internship at the company or institute of your dreams. Just write the company. On most websites there is an email or a phone number. Now generation millennium likes to write an email rather than call. Do it both! Be assertive. If you call you have a response sooner and maybe your enthusiasm will get transferred more than trough email.


Use your connections.

It always helps if you can use your network to arrange a phone number, email address or even an interview for you. This can help you to get the attention of people that have the power to give you an internship. Often however, you do have to prove yourself after the first contact is made with help from your network.


My story

I will tell you my story as an inspiration. If I can do it you can do it too!

Last year I visited Cambridge with a friend of mine. He got me introduced to a professor and I told him I was looking for an internship. The conversation did not work very well, as I was nervous (it made me aware I have to work on my networking skill). He told me to send my CV and we will be in touch.

A week later I was home and send him my resume and motivation letter. I did not hear anything. Which I did not found weird, he is a busy man. So I tried again with several emails and I even called him (went to voicemail).

I told the friend that he did not respond, but I also told him specifically that I did not want him to get in contact with him. He provided me the first step, the rest was up to me. This is a specific choice I made, you do not have to do the same. If it is really your dream internship and  job. Why not use your connection to the fullest?

Now there was nothing else to do than write other places and different research. I did and finally, I got a reply that he was interested and that I could come. We worked out the finances and I was hired!!


What probably would have helped was my kick-as CV. This is not my first internship abroad. Having this on your CV shows you already have experience leaving everything behind and settling in a different country. Your independent and the chance that you go back home sick back is reduced significantly.


If you do not succeed

I should also tell you that I tried to get an internship at Cambridge a few years ago. This time I did not get any respond. So in the end I went to Australia, not bad either. I am glad that I went there first and I am convinced that it helped me to get the internship now.


So if you do not succeed the first time, even when you have tried it all the points above. Maybe it is to soon in your career and you have to try it later. But if you do not try, it will never happen



Now decide were you would like to go and start getting your dreams. This dream internship will not come to you. You have to make it happen.


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