Music for studying and concentration.

Do you have trouble concentrating on the work in front of you when you hear other people speaking around you? Listening to music will get you into your zone and research has shown that listing to music raises efficiency. Here I provide you with some of my favorite music.

BeFunky Design3_243

You will probably recognize this. Your sitting in the train and trying to get some work done. Across from you two friends are sitting and are chatting. You get distracted and listen to their conversation. You just lost your focus on your work. Here are more tips on how work efficiently on the public transport?


Some of the work you do requires your full attention. Music can help you to get in your zone. Only you and your work remain and your focus is only on your work.


No lyrics

Research has shown that speech is the most disturbing source of noise, which also makes it the number once cause that reduces productivity. This should be a very good reason why you should avoid speech in your music as well.


What kind of music should you listen to? For instance classical music, nature sounds, and soundtracks. They all do not contain any lyrics. The music should be calm and so it delivers no distraction for you to concentrate on your work. It should not be boring or to happy.

Classical music

After trying different things I found that for me classical music works the best. I will share with you the playlist I like to use. Of course there are many more options on Youtube to find. This playlist worked best for me. It does not distract me from my work, but is not boring to listen to.

The Youtube Playlist with Classical music

Let me know in the comments what you think of the Playlist. Does it help you as well with concentrating?


HAFT Women


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