Where are you a local?

Where are you from is a frequently asked question. However, does this tell the whole story? Often people move around from city to city from country to country.



For example, what if you are born in Brazil, so you have a Brazilian passport. However, your parents decided to move to the UK when you were 4. You visited Brazil only a few times for holidays since you moved to the UK.


If you ask this person the question: Where are you from? He would probably answer: Brazil (because that’s what his passport tells him), but I have lived in the UK for most of my life. He feels like an extra explanation is necessary


Ask the same person the question. Where are you a local? UK.

No explanation necessary. He was not born in the UK, but has lived there almost his entire life. This is the place were he feels home, he knows the traditions and he has his friends here.


Sure he also has family in Brazil, but for him it does not fill like his country. He has never lived in this country. Only spend a few holidays there.



Don’t Ask where I’m From, aks where I’m a local TEDx Talk

The inspiration for this post came from a TEDx talk by Taiye Selasi. In the video below she explains the topic in an inspiring talk.




Would perhaps being a local in the countries were you lived be the right definition? I will try it out.

I am a local in Australia. The Netherlands and in the UK.



So tell me. Where are you a local?




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