Why is writing important for a scientist? (With tips to improve your writing!)

Hi all,

As a scientist, we already have a very tight schedule. There are never enough hours in a day. Still it is important to invest time in your writing skill. In this article, I will explain to you why writing is so important and how you can improve yourself.

Why is writing important for a scientist, with tips to improve your writing

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My first post

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cropped-pe0ex3i.jpgHi everyone,

Today I am writing my first blog post ever! I will explain to you why I am starting this blog. As you can read on my about me page I am a young ambitious woman that likes to dream big. On my journey, I will obtain more insights on various topics which I would like to share with you all that are walking a similar path as me, namely other young ambitious women.

As you can see my Englisch is not perfect. I would like some feedback, not criticism, feedback.

I hope you will enjoy, get inspired and learn from my blog